Looking after your mint plants.

Your mint plug plants will arrive via first class post, which, hopefully, will mean that they are in tip-top condition. (Plants are posted out Monday to Thursday only)

When opening the packaging, please take care as the mint plug plants are labelled only whilst in their postage 'envelopes'. You may want to write some labels before you take out your plants.

Please pot your mint plug plants into a good quality compost (not garden soil) in 9/10cm pots.

Once planted, water in well, but then keep on the dry side until the plants are established.

Your Mint Plants will take about 2 weeks to be fully established in the pots (depending on the time of year)

You can then either plant directly into your garden, or containers. (Please take care as Mints will take over your garden, if you want to plant in borders, try using a bottomless bucket)

Please harvest your mints regularly.